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Dear Customers,
I am afraid that due to the current economic times, we have been forced to close the business as of August 2011.

We would like to express our many thanks to those who supported us, and gave us their custom since I opened the business in 2007. We had the privilege of working with many brilliant groups, individuals and expeditions and also making some very good friends.

The decrease in the leisure market and the cutting back of expeditions, combined with various conflicts in the world all meant, we could not continue. It was a very hard decision, but one that had to be made.

So to those individuals and groups on the road, their travels in lands far from or close to home, that we have had the privilege to assist and support. Travel safe and enjoy the adventures.
Any final enquiries can be directed to us via Email .

Many thanks and safe travels.

John Woolley MSc BSc – Gearpac
“Every new horizon is a new opportunity”

Warranty Enquiries- Anyone who purchased items from us, should you be unfortunate to require assistance under warranty, then please contact the specific Manufacturer, who should put you in touch the with relative UK Distributor, who will be able to assist you.


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